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Firestone EPDM - Flat roofing

Here at RT Roofing We specialise in flat roofing. We use materials of the highest quality to ensure a pristine finish. This is why we use Firestone EPDM rubber roofing systems.

What are the advantages to Firestone EPDM Rubber Roofing?
First and foremost, we install the EPDM Rubber as a whole sheet, ensuring the entire roof is covered. This reduces the need for seams, therefore boosting the roof's waterproofing capabilities. EPDM Rubber is itself waterproof ensuring the contents beneath are kept safely dry.

EPDM Rubber Roofs are also fire-resistant, so should a fire ever spread to your roof, it can hold back the potential damaging effects and ensure the roof itself doesn't perish. They are also difficult to purposely ignite.

Firestone EPDM Roofing System is the ideal solution for small residential flat roofs and other extensions, verandas, dormers, porches, garages, carports, garden sheds, balconies and gutters.

Lastly, the roofs are extremely cost-efficient. Not only are they generally cheaper than other roofing materials, but their thickness keeps heat in during cold months, and the sun's heat out during warmer ones, reducing the need for internal heating, air conditioning or fans.

Why You Should Choose RT Roofing Services for your EPDM Rubber Roofing Installation?
Our family-run business has been installing quality roofing solutions for years that incorporate our expertise, pride, dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction to all our customers. Our Checkatrade page highlights this, with testimonials showing our professionalism, courtesy and approval with the work we have done for them.

To find out more about our EPDM Rubber Roofing, or any of our other roofing services, contact us on 01202 875337 and one of our team members will be happy to answer any of your queries or questions.

Roof cleans

When moss and algae builds up on a rooftop, it can cause serious blockages in both your gutters and your building pipes. Both of which can damage your building and cost you more in the long run.

We offer a special roof cleaning and moss removal service, keeping your roof in tip top condition.

Manual roof cleaning:
Here at RT Roofing Services we do not recommend using a pressure washer to clean your roof. As stated by several roof tile manufacturers and the UK's Trading Standards organization, pressure washers can damage roof tiles, strip the surface granules from the tiles and shorten tile life expectancy. There is also a risk of flooding to the loft space. We believe the best process to remove moss and debris from your roof is by manually removing it. This concept is the more traditional method used by roofers and consists of manually removing any excess moss balls from your roof and then treating with our highly effective fungicidal wash.

The chemical we use will completely kill off all moss, algae & lichens. Any broken tiles will also be replaced and your gutters will be cleared as part of the service. The finished result will leave your roof looking much cleaner!

Gutters Fascia and soffits

RT Roofing Services have many years of experience in installing complete guttering, fascia and soffit systems. A problem that many domestic homeowners face is deciding what to do with rotting wood fascia boards that are no longer structurally sound, therefore no longer adequately supporting the guttering. Many homeowners now prefer to replace wooden fascia with new PVC fascia and guttering. This ensures a higher level of water resistance and greater longevity. We are able to supply and fit all types of commonly used guttering, fascia and soffits, to meet all required specifications.

Why Get Your Gutters Professionally Cleared?

When your gutters are blocked or contain debris, If they are not attended to properly at some point you may begin to experience irreversible damage to your guttering, fascia and soffits or roof structure. A whole series of additional problems can result from a lack of gutter upkeep and it's for this reason we take this job so seriously! We make sure that ALL debris are removed from your guttering and not just the lump of moss or handful of leaves that are obvious or noticeable from the ground level.

Gutter cleaning is an important part of maintaining the good condition of your property both externally and internally. A blocked or leaking gutter will potentially allow rainwater to penetrate into the external brickwork. If this is allowed to occur over an extended period of time the build-up of moisture in the walls could cause serious damp issues which could be very costly to rectify. If gutters are checked and cleaned regularly however, so that the rainwater is diverted correctly, this preventative action may save you the cost of expensive remedial work.

We use only the best quality materials when we work on your guttering systems. We clean your gutters by hand - we don't use hoovers or vac systems like some companies do. This way, you know that you are getting a personalised service, and we take the greatest of care with your gutters to ensure that the best job possible is done.

Building regs

You are now by law required to have a Building Control certificate if you are replacing 25% or more of your roof covering. If this is the case we will take care of all that is required for the building inspector to make sure the certificate will be in place. 3 visits from a certified inspector are essential to acquire the certificate and we will arrange them for you. This is added peace of mind

Lead work

Lead flat roofs or lead detail are more of a traditional roofing material and commonly found on listed or buildings of heritage. We provide skilled craftsmanship in the fixing of rolled lead sheet to numerous details such as lead flat roofs, lead dormer tops and cheeks, lead ridges, lead canopies, lead gutters and box gutters, lead flashings, lead bays, lead wall capping, lead window flashings and all weathering's generally.

Lead is an idea choice for cladding and roofing a dormer due to its ability to provide decades of maintenance free protection against the weather at the most exposed position on a roof. And also, the ability to look great in conjunction with other roofing materials on the building.


Chimneys are a traditional feature of many properties and whilst they can certainly add character to a building, they also deteriorate relatively quickly due to their exposed location and become the source of rainwater ingress.

Lead flashings and trays can often be the culprit when a leak develops around a chimney and we are of course able to accurately detect the problem and rectify it by replacing the failed lead and providing new leadwork of the appropriate type and gauge.

At RT Roofing Services we pride ourselves on providing quality services. Our team take great care in the work they do and can manage any chimney work whatever your needs or requirements. We can even remove it to below roof level and tile over the area. If you have a chimney that is no longer required.

The RT Roofing team have a great deal of experience when dealing with chimneys and have a lot of knowledge to enable them to identify your problem and suggest a cost effective solution.

We can offer a wide range of services which include;

  • Chimneys repairs
  • Lead work replacement
  • Re-pointing
  • Chimney removal
  • Cowl fitting
  • Chimney rebuilds